Emily and Tyler met while they were both attending nearby colleges in Texas. A few of their mutual friends introduced them. After spending much time together with friend groups, they started dating. 

In their own words, “Tyler knew Emily was the one about five years ago when he realized her heart and personality were exactly what he dreamed of experiencing in a life partner - as well as her small-town aura, intelligence, and classy beauty. Emily knew Tyler was the one years ago as he continually displayed his unwavering patience, character, and calmness - he's the presence in every room that makes others feel safe, secure, and protected.”

After Tyler decided to propose, he came up with a beautiful and private plan in Emily’s home. On this night, they ate dinner together, had their nightly tennis match, and the rest is for their memories only. 

Emily has been spending most Summers and Falls in Creede, Colorado with her family for most of her life. To her, Creede is a special family destination that means a lot to her. Tyler has wanted to visit for a while and their wedding seemed like the perfect occasion. 

The Sunnyside Chapel became the perfect venue for their wedding day. They wanted something small and mostly private to celebrate with their closest loved ones. Sunnyside Chapel crossed all the boxes on their list as a charming little venue surrounded by grass and the San Juan Mountains. 

Tyler and Emily decided to have only one person stand with each of them as their wedding party and it made the perfect scene. Emily even did her own hair and makeup. They both were very thankful to have hired Nina Green as their wedding planner. Wedding planners can be incredibly helpful even when organizing smaller, intimate weddings.

Like most of this summer July 23, 2022, was filled with rain. It rained most of the day with little rest. We drove around to several different locations around the grounds, working to outrun the rain for some of their portraits. 

It worked! And we got some really sentimental moments caught on film. Many of these moments had the families joined together in prayer for Emily and Tyler as they entered into the sanctity of marriage. 

To Tyler and Emily, may you endure every challenge with calmness and intelligence; and always remember the things in each other you originally valued in one another. 


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