The rainy summer of 2021 carried on into the fall.  Creede had several days of gloom that did not seem to be letting up but on the scheduled celebration date of October 2nd, the clouds parted in the early afternoon just in time for the start of Jordyn and Travis’ ceremony and special day.  October 2nd 2021 had been in the making for a year of DIY planning and would not be stopped by rain.   

Travis and Jordyn lovingly joke that they met accidentally through Facebook’s algorithms.  They grew up in the same area, they were close in age and had several mutual friends.  Facebook made the match and Travis took the chance.  The friend request was sent, accepted and the rest is written in their now combined history.

 The two fell in love and Travis planned the proposal for a hike in the mountains which was usually the couples go to for an enjoyable weekend afternoon.  Jordyn had different plans for that afternoon.  She was dead set on getting important chores done at home.  So, in true loving fashion, Travis adapted for a proposal at Jordyn’s family home.  It was a perfect fall evening, crisp air and carved pumpkins, Travis dropped to one knee on the lawn overlooking the horse pasture and Rio Grande. 

Jordyn’s most endearing trait to Travis is her beautiful smile and laugh as well as her ability to have empathy for others. Their personalities balance each other well and bring out the best in both.  Travis is fun loving, adventurous and has an ability to both work hard and play hard. 

These two created a beautiful relationship that carried on to a beautiful wedding celebration.  The ceremony and reception were both held at The Blue Creek Lodge just south of Creede, CO.  The beautiful mountain scenery and laid-back atmosphere was the perfect location for these two.  All aspects from the cake to the flowers were sourced from the surrounding San Luis Valley. The magic of fall created the perfect memory for Jordyn and Travis to hold in their hearts and celebrate for years to come!


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