Tom and  Corinne met at a conference in the fall of 2019. He had cut in front of Corinne in the dinner buffet line. She spoke up and they started talking. This led to them sitting together for dinner. After continuing to share time during the conference, Tom drove down to see Corinne, and the rest they say is history.

According to Tom, “I knew Corinne was the one for me when I noticed that I never wanted her to leave; and I felt sad whenever she had to go home after visiting for a weekend (or longer). And my heart felt very happy when I saw her again.”

 Corinne’s feelings grew from their very first date. In her own words, “I knew he was the one when I realized how much he prioritized me. He was happy to call me every night and always heard my feelings out. I felt special and loved when he was around and when I realized that I could trust him completely, I fell head over heels. He was always a safe place for me, even on our first date I felt immediately comfortable around him, and that's never changed. He's so loving. He loves to cuddle, and he never sees me without giving me a compliment. He just loves to express how much he loves me!”

Tom planned his proposal in detail, but first, he chose to ask for both of her parent's blessing to marry their daughter. Then discussed his intentions with Corinne’s brothers. One gave him advice on the perfect location for such an intimate moment. And another happens to be an aspiring photographer, so he requested him to accompany them on their hike in Roxborough Park to document the occasion. Both were happy to help. 

Once they arrived at the ideal spot, they found themselves with the closest of family,  – that is when Tom pulled Corinne aside. He began telling her how much he loved her and how he wanted to spend the rest of forever with her; that is when he got down on one knee. Of course, we know her answer. 

July 14, 2022 became their wedding date, with two receptions planned for more of their loved ones to celebrate with them! One to take place in America, where Corinne’s family is and the other in Netherlands. Their Dutch reception will even take place on their shared birthday to make the day even more of a celebration.

 Corinne grew up vacationing in Creede, Colorado with her family since she was a baby. It always felt like home to her. She had dreamed of getting married at the Sunnyside Chapel even when it was under construction for its restoration. One of her brothers had even worked on the restoration project! 

The weather set a perfectly overcast atmosphere for their Creede wedding with mostly family and close friends to Colorado in attendance. Each detail was thought out, from the gorgeous flowers right down to the custom engraved cuff links that read “T  C” and a date. 

All of the groomsmen were Tom’s brothers. They all had matching suits with different colored inseams. While Corinne had several of her absolute closest friends by her side. Each bridesmaid in a beautifully comfortable blue dress. All of the ladies even did their hair and makeup!

Tom and Corinne, may you always look at each other like you are the only two people in the universe. 


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