Deacon planned his proposal to Maddie for years. As an adventurous couple, they can be found doing all kinds of outdoor ventures together. In their own words; “Deacon has an amazing sense of curiosity, and this almost childlike wonderment with the world that makes every day special and beautiful. [While] Maddie is incredibly compassionate. She is always in the corner of those who need her the most.”

Once Deacon knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Maddie, he thought about the perfect proposal and what their engagement ring could express. He then spent years sifting through creek silt, panning, for all the gold nuggets that would adorn Maddie’s ring. Adding a heartfelt embellishment to the featured diamonds coming from multiple generations of her family – melding the two families together. 

July 3, 2020, they hiked a beautiful trail in a rugged canyon. They had the spot to themselves, and while Deacon was nervous, the moment was intimate and beautiful. They designed the ring together in Fort Collins. Deacon and Maddie even got to pour the gold for the ring and chip it out of the mold. 

The ceremony was held at the 4UR Ranch on the Rio Grande, in Creede, Colorado on June 24th 2022. “Wagon Wheel Gap is an incredibly special and beautiful space for us. We are big-time fishermen and floaters; and every time we float through there is an unparalleled feeling of peace, when going through that section of river. Maddie's late step-mom also did painting workshops with Steve Quiller every summer growing up at the 4UR and while she couldn't be with us for the wedding, we felt her all around us for the wedding day. Maddie always wanted her dad (who owned a raft company when she was little) to row her down the aisle.”

It poured cats and dogs the morning of their wedding, which nearly never happens in Creede, but it cleared up just in time for the ceremony. Maddie got her wish; her dad was able to float them down the river, right to the alter. They did get stuck in low water, but a friend was able to pull them to shore. It was a good laugh for the super close friends and family that were invited to this extra special ceremony. They had a bigger celebration the next day with many more of their loved ones, but the 24th was designed to be small and intimate.

Deacon and his groomsmen wore fishing shorts and flip flops, while Maddie wore Chaco’s. They are a very laid-back couple, who love nature, so this wedding was shaped around them.

Deacon and Maddie would like to thank the 4UR Ranch for lovingly letting them use the space and allowing them to row the boat right to the alter. 

May you have many more years of adventures; fishing, hunting for mushrooms and loving the life you create together. 


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