These two were so fun to photograph! It was pouring rain and they decided to let me take pictures anyways!! Their bubbly and out-going personalities mesh together so well and were even more fun to capture! They blog, so you can follow their journey if ya want to! blissfullybarron. Video of today at .

Creede and South Fork are amazing places to visit, with fresh mountain air, 360 degree mountain views, delightful small-town but upscale lifstyles, and awesome fishing! SO many more reasons but I must stay on track. I'm here to say "Come get Married in our our small town, we've got you covered!" Everything from endless beauty to gourmet foods; we have it all to give!

A few local business involved in this awesome session were, Ooh La Spa (hair and nails, Wedding Planner and lodging from Trisha at See below gallery for more links!!


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Wedding Coordinator - Trisha 877-873-5776

Rio Grande Event Planning and Vacation Rentals is a one-stop shopping for your mountain wedding in Creede or South Fork. They can coordinate some or all of your wedding service providers, including lodging, photography, cake designer, catering, hair and nails, massage, and of course the wedding location. Ranging from a small, intimate ceremony to a lavish golf course event, we have many locales to accommodate your dream wedding. Give us a call @877-873-5776.

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