The fall will always be special for Kaylin and Michael. The two first met on Halloween, while they were still in college. This sweet, young, and fun couple were also married in the fall on September 15, 2018. Memories and milestones will always be filled with colorful foliage as this couple grows old together.

When Kaylin and Michael first met they hit it off right away. A deep and strong friendship formed quickly, which soon led to dating. The two never really had a “first date”, their friendship had evolved into romance. Eventually, Michael knew what he had to do. He had to ask Kaylin to marry him. But how? But where? But when?! He decided on August 12, 2016, in Wisconsin since they were going to the Summerset Music Festival. On that first day of the festival, at the top of the Farris wheel, Michael asked Kaylin to marry him. She said yes! 

Kaylin and Michael preferred a fall wedding. True to their style, they wanted something different and cute. Their love of the town of Creede, and the beautiful fall colors the area boasts led them to Blue Creek Lodge. September 15, 2018 was a gorgeous sunny day by the pond. The bridesmaid’s dresses were maroon, which made their bouquets of sunflowers pop. The groomsman thought they would be ready for the ceremony in ten minutes, that was until they realized that none of them knew how to tie a tie. At least the boys found it comical. The couple first danced to “Yours” by Russell Dickerson. It was a marvelous mountain wedding, that Kaylin and Michael would not have had without the help of their family and friends.

Kaylin and Michael, as you continue to fall deeper in love, always remember the magic of the Farris wheel ride. 


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