It all started with a fly. Katlin and Greg had known each other for a few years prior to dating. There were the Friday evening softball games, Creede Pond Hockey, and occasional run-ins here and there. Two years ago, Katlin, with her kids, River and Stella, went into the fly shop to buy a fishing pole for River. As she was finishing her purchase Greg handed her a fly and said, “I tied this for you.” A few dates later and they were each hooked.

Greg proposed to Katlin while on a hike with the family at Love Lake in Creede. The kids were so excited; jumping up and down yelling, “Say YES Mom! Say YES Mom!” Of course, Katlin said “YES”. Not because the kids wanted her to, she said yes because Katlin loves Greg. In her words, Greg is loyal. He is consistent. And more than anything else, his love for her and the kids is unwavering. From their second date on Greg knew Katlin was the woman for him because of her radiant beauty, youthful soul, and constant support. That, and she keeps up with him on hikes hunting for sheds.

Their wedding ceremony took place on Saturday, July 28th in the backyard of Katlin’s family’s South Fork cabin. It rained off and on most of the day. Rain on your wedding day symbolizes cleansing in some cultures, therefore making rain good luck, not that Katlin and Greg needed it. There was a break in the rain long enough for the ceremony and some fun afterward.

The entire event was a family soiree. Katlin was surrounded by the important ladies in her life while getting ready. Stella LOVED getting all dressed up like her mama. Greg too was surrounded by good friends. His best man took a boat and three planes to be part of the festivities. River, however, like a true mountain boy, could not wait to get out of his “fancy clothes”.

As the ceremony began, River walked out with Greg and his groomsmen. After the bridesmaids had processed down the aisle, Greg turned to River and gave him a high five, after which River ran up the aisle into the teepee and joined his mom and sister. As the three emerged from the teepee, the smile on Greg’s face was the biggest smile ever seen on his face, bigger than any smile one totes when they’ve reeled in that “big fish”. River on Katlin’s right and Stella on her left were “giving their mom away” to Greg. When Katlin was united with Greg, they gave each other a high five. Everything about the ceremony was “Katlin and Greg”.

Katlin and Greg, as your love continues to grow, and you keep hunting for sheds and go fishing in the dark, always remember that feeling you had when you hooked each other. And, life and love are eternally better with a side of “bacon bits”.


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