Devyn and Garett have known each other most of their lives. It wasn’t until Garett’s sister was married that the two started talking and realized they could spend their lives together. Following his sister’s wedding was their first kiss, on the bridge that later Devyn would crossover and unite herself with Garett for a lifetime of love.

Like all love, theirs started in friendship. From the beginning they were always looking out for each other. Friendship grew into love. Devyn’s “favorite thing about Garrett is how he takes care of us as a family. He is our rock physically and emotionally.” “Garett said his favorite thing about Devyn is that [she is] selfless and puts him and my family above myself.” After hiking up a mountain near Rock Creek Garett proposed marriage to Devyn; having already felt devoted to Garett and deeply in love, she said “YES!”

Devyn and Garett were married on June 30th in Garett’s family’s Monte Vista, Colorado backyard. It has always been important to his parents that their children’s weddings take place at the family home. Their ceremony was a large celebration filled with love, lavender, friends, family (and a little wind). Lavender represents devotion. The devotion of Devyn to Garett and Garett to Devyn was evident throughout the entire day from the sprigs of lavender in the groomsman’s boutonnieres and the bridal bouquets to the alter decorations and adornment on the cake. Their lifetime of love filled with devotion.

The wedding reception also took place in the family backyard. There was laughter, dancing, and fun! The DJ was a friend of the couple. A local Mexican restaurant catered the event. And then there was the cake (which Devyn managed to smear on Garett’s face). One look around the party and it was obvious from the smiles and laughter that everyone was having a good time and was elated for Devyn and Garret. As the sun set on the celebration, it was just the beginning for Devyn and Garret’s Lifetime of Love (and Devotion).

Devyn and Garret, as you continue to grow in love and devotion, always remember this day when you united your souls (and families) and keep that sunset with you always.

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