What started as an informal meeting led to a friendship and eventually romance. Crystal had no idea that rocker guy, Jarrod, liked her. They had only talked occasionally. One day a dozen white roses were delivered to her at work and it all became clear; she had an admirer in Jarrod. White roses symbolize new beginnings; Crystal and Jarrod were beginning a relationship that would lead to love.

Wanting to share his favorite place with his favorite gal, the two took their first trip to Creede. The mountains have always been a favorite place of Jarrod’s. Growing up, his family often vacationed at Blue Creek Lodge between South Fork and Creede. Crystal soon fell in love with Creede and eventually, Creede became their special place. 

After being together for a few years, Jarrod knew that he only wanted to be with Crystal. He planned a special night for the two at his favorite restaurant, La Belle Vita. On April 28th, at dinner, Jarrod got down on one knee and asked Crystal to be his wife. Amazed by his gesture and question she answered him with “YES!”

When it came time to plan their celebration of love, they both knew they wanted an intimate affair in the fall. Since Creede had become their special place, it made sense to the couple that they get married there. The ceremony took place by the pond at Blue Creek Lodge on Saturday, September 29th. The fall colors were popping and the weather was just right. Their wedding day was a simple celebration of their love; exactly what they wanted.

Crystal and Jarrod, as your love continues to grow may you always remain head over heels with each other and keep the sacredness of your celebration of love close to your heart.


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