Suzanne and Cliff met at a grooming tradeshow. It was not quite love at first sight, but when Cliff cried right along with Suzanne when she had to put her own dog down, she knew he was right for her. She knew that his kindness and patience would make a wonderful husband. 

Soon thereafter, they found themselves spending lots of time together and traveling. It was in San Gimignano, Tuscany Italy that Cliff proposed on June 15, 2019. 

Their closest friends and family were invites to their wedding day. As a destination wedding, they chose July 2nd so they could celebrate their wedding of course, but also the 4th of July with their loved ones. The wedding was originally scheduled for 2020, but everything had to be moved with Covid, so they took it in stride and kept their plans for date – just a year later.

They planned the most gorgeous, freestyle, boho wedding day with big tents, rugs, eclectic chairs, and couches everywhere. The rich wedding color pallet of deep pinks, orange, teal, and green were the perfect combination to their bright and cheerful wedding day. Even their wedding arch was a lovely wooden teepee with gorgeous flower arrangements. Add in the live band, Black Donnellys, Dave and Dave, contributed the to the effortlessly delightful day.

Suzanne and Cliff’s boho style wedding had the perfect backdrop of Del Norte, Colorado. Even though it heavily rained most of the morning, allowing the mosquitoes to come out all over. The skies cleared and they were able to have the wedding of their dreams. They even brought their sweet dog to be a part of the whole day, which was so fitting as they met and bonded over dogs!

They chose this location partly for its beauty and partly because it was close to their cabin near the Rio Grande River. They call it their “little slice of heaven.” And what a perfect slice it is. 

It is true with most weddings, that the friends and family that come to celebrate with the couple make the day all the more perfect. But it was ever more so with this sweet wedding. Their friends assisted with important details of their wedding day. 

Their good friend John actually was able to officiate the wedding. Another friend, Chris, put together all the flowers for the tables. More friends brought some delicious goodies for the reception, pies, fried pies, cookies, and more! A great neighbor jumped on spraying for mosquitoes. And so many more that would be a whole blog of thanking. 

Each detail was absolutely seamless for this glorious day. The love and tenderness from the couple and their friends and family was felt throughout the whole day. 

To Suzanne and Cliff, I wish you many years of love, laughter, and sweet dogs. May you always find the joy in your everyday.







Wedding Coordinator: Mandy, link coming soon


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