One is one until someone comes and turns it into two.” Beaver Creek Youth Camp has always been a special place for Cassidy and Will. It’s where they first met when they were in the fourth grade. It’s where they became best friends. It's where God’s plan for their love started. When the time came to choose a wedding location, Beaver Creek was the obvious choice.

Day One Will knew he wanted to marry Cassidy. While the two were in Oregon Will popped the question. “For the rest of my days, till my life is through, I just want to spend them with you.” As the rain ceased for a day, Will and Cassidy went on a hike along the coast and he asked that all important question; "Will you marry me?" That Monday will always be special, for it’s the day that Will asked Cassidy to be his wife, and she said yes; laying the groundwork for their dreams to come true and bringing God’s plan for them to fruition.

Their August 4th ceremony was sweet and intimate; full of family and God. “Three is complete. It’s God, and it’s you, and it’s me.” Will’s father performed their wedding ceremony. Cassidy’s and Will’s sisters served as Cassidy’s bridesmaids. Their sparkle dresses were a pastel shade of pink, which coordinated beautifully with the floral arrangements made by Cassidy’s mom. Their first dance as husband and wife was to “Something” by Chris August. During the reception friends and family kept saying how blessed they were to have Cassidy and Will; such sweet souls, in their life. Having barely known the couple myself, I could relate to the kind words being said about them; they are kind, sweet, and genuine.

Will is studying to be a pastor, like his father, so it comes as no surprise that Cassidy’s favorite thing about Will is his “huge heart for everyone he knows”. Will loves that Cassidy is kind and gentle, which are excellent qualities for an aspiring photographer.

Cassidy and Will, as you pursue your dreams, take with you always the love and support you felt on August 4th when your first of many dreams come true.


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