Casey and Cayenne met in high school, back in their hometown of Creede, Colorado. They even went to their high school homecoming dance together. But as with many school relationships, they lost touch. 13 years later, they bumped into each other by chance in Morrison, Colorado. 

As they spend more and more time together, they each began to realize they had found the one they were meant to spend the rest of their lives with. Then on a typical day, in the midst of an average conversation, Cayenne turned away from Casey for only a moment, only to find him down on one knee with a ring in his hand. “Will you marry me?” on his lips. Casey had made plans to propose the following weekend but simply could not wait any longer. He wanted to be the one she came home to every night, the one to make her laugh like no one else, the one she could count on. And he knew Cayenne would always be there for him, through everything life could throw at them. Little did they know that Covid was right around the corner and all of those thoughts would be tested. 

Re-planning their wedding, they both knew it had to take place in Creede, for it was where they met and still their home away from home. A change that could not have been more perfect. The gentlemen were even able to get ready in Casey’s fathers’ home where the first gift of the day was given. Casey’s mother had passed away, and so his Bride to be gave him a pin that held her photo inside. A small token that brought abundant love to the day. 

Casey and Cayenne’s first look was the calm moment in the storm they both needed. Being able to spend a few moments to themselves. Holding space for one another and just being together without all the fuss what truly a magical part of their wedding. They drank each other in and exchanged small gifts. 

Everyone was in awe as Cayenne’s father walked her down the aisle in her stunning gown detailed with delicate flowers, and the room erupted with laughter as Casey dipped Cayenne for their first kiss. The whole evening ended with so much love, laughter, and fabulous dance moves. 

Casey and Cayenne, we hope you always find a way to laugh together. 

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