High school sweethearts, Brie and Dylan, met while they were in Les Misérables. They then dated off and on for a years after graduation; but there was just something that kept them coming back to each other. 

Brie fell in love with Dylan’s ability to help others better understand themselves. While Dylan is in awe of how caring Brie is to others. She is super loving and will go out of her way for another person.

When it came time to propose, Dylan decided to make the 4th of July even more special, asking her at his parents’ home in Creede. He knew she already had a ring, so he asked her to spend her life with him with a little silver mouse. 

July 17, 2022 became their wedding date and they chose to say their vows at the Sunnyside Chapel in Creede, Colorado. It is an adorable chapel with everything they wanted, plus his parents’ home is close by, making it the perfect place for everyone to get ready. 

Creede has had pretty consistent rainy days this year, and their wedding was no different. It rained most of the day and the wind blew so hard for part of it, the groomsman held onto it in fear it may blow away. 

Yet during both the ceremony and the reception, the rain stopped, seemingly just for them. Dylan kept yelling “COME ON BLUE!”  

It is easy to see how loved Brie and Dylan are by the number of super close friends they had in their wedding party. They requested each of their friends pick their own dress/tux and even the color, and everyone nailed it! The whole party looked amazing together.

As a truly unique addition to their wedding, they performed the cord of three strands ceremony. This ceremony takes one strand for the wife, one strand for the husband and one strand for God. They braid the strands together showing that with God at the center, the marriage is strong, and He will continue to grow their love and bind them together. 

Brie and Dylan, may you always give each other grace and see the best in one another.


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