Every once in a while, we find ourselves needing to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. As fate would have it, Ashley and James found themselves both signing up for co-ed softball and ending up on the same team. Neither of them knew that by participating in something so completely uncharacteristic of themselves they would find their best friend, their soul mate, their partner in life.

Ashley and James had been playing softball for a few weeks when one of their teammates hosted a gathering for the players. As Ashley was leaving she and James hugged, and with that hug, she knew that she and James would be together forever. Their first date was on September 27, nine years ago. James made Ashley dinner and the two found themselves lost in conversation. Their conversation was deep and meaningful; the kind of conversation you have with someone you can be completely open and honest with. From that moment on the two were inseparable. 

When it came time to plan their wedding they decided Creede would be the perfect place for them; it’s home. Supporting local business is extremely important to this couple. They decided on Saturday, September 22 as their wedding day because it is a repeated number, the equinox, and it is close to the anniversary of their first date. Since they live in a place where folks come to vacation and Creede is bursting with beautiful yellow aspens in the fall they wanted to show-off Creede to their family and friends that would be traveling from afar to celebrate their wedding. 

Ashley and James were married at the quaint Sunnyside Chapel. Saturday, September 22 was gorgeous; both the weather and scenery were perfect. Prior to the ceremony, they both got ready in the same house, after all, the two are inseparable. Susan, from the Blue Yak, made up Ashley’s hair. James was patient and waited until it was time to see his bride. James’ mom was responsible for all the decorations. The wedding officiant donned his formal attire: a kilt. When it came to their wedding day James had two requests: no line dancing of any sort at all and he didn’t want to wear typical dress shoes. Ashley was cool with that and James had a pair of Converse custom made just for their special day.

The reception was held at the Creede Hotel. Ashley and James are vegans and the hotel was extremely accommodating of their dietary requests, even their cake was vegan. Their five “fur babies” were responsible for holding down the homestead while Ashley and James danced to Billy Holiday’s “He Calls Me Crazy”.

Ashley and James, as you move the mountains, go through fire, and care forever, remember “the impossible will take a little while” because crazy in love [are you].


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