When Andrew first spotted Abbey from an escalator in Washington, DC it was love at first sight. Five years later they celebrated their love and friendship with close family and friends on a beach at Point Loma Naval Base.

When the couple first met in 2014, they were attending the Arnold Air Society & Silver Wings National Conference. These sister organizations are deeply rooted in community service. Each of their desires to help others is what attracts them to each other. When Andrew was asked what his favorite thing about Abbey is he talked about her motivation to make the world a better place, her ability to live a life full of grace and compassion; “Her drive and intelligence is downright sexy”. Abbey loves Andrew’s compassion for everyone and his willingness to help anyone out. He is driven to make a difference, and above all, “he makes me into the person I want to be”. 

For years the couple went on various explorations together. One such exploration led them to Rocky Mountain National Park with friends. This particular hike was long and snowy, but well worth the miles to Loch Vale. When the group arrived at the lake Andrew proceeded to take photos of everyone so he could “test out” his new camera. In a sly move, he asked Abbey if he could take some photos of just them. As Andrew asked Abbey if she wanted to be his hiking partner for life, he kneeled down while removing the ring from his jacket pocket. Abbey was so caught up in the moment and taken aback by everything she lost her footing and fell off the small rock platform they were standing on. Still, on his knee, Andrew tried to grab her. Alas, they now have rather funny photos which document this amazing lakeside proposal.

The couple decided to get married at Point Loma Naval Base in sunny San Diego on Saturday, May 25, 2019. The bridal party primped at a condo on the beach before heading to the base for their dresses. Abbey and Andrew had their first look prior to the ceremony. Andrew, in his Air Force dress uniform and Abbey in a gown from Emma and Grace in Denver, looked stunning! After the bride’s father walked her down the aisle he gave the most heartfelt and loving speech to Andrew and Abbey. As is military custom, the newlyweds walked under an archway of swords after saying their “I Dos”. The celebration continued with delicious food, dancing, and moving toasts to the bride and groom.

Abbey and Andrew, as you tip your hat to the keeper of the stars, remember it was no accident finding each other. Continue to be compassionate towards each other and honor that chance meeting from the escalator.

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